Saturday, April 5, 2008

We need to have a more Regionalized approach, I am talking about the JEDDS

In the very near future, the City of Youngstown will have more public meetings and be educating the surrounding townships about the great JEDD program proposed. Let me tell you, if you "actually read" the study, you will see that the program is a win win for everyone, not just Youngstown. The problem is you have trustees that don't even want to look at this program. Here is what the program will bring to the surrounding townships

More money from a JEDD tax that will be imposed on employees that work at businesses that use Youngstown Water.

A City match of funds for economic development projects. The city will not just keep the money for themselves that they receive, they are going to use that money for township wide projects.

A regionalized approach and national recognition. The federal government is more apt to give funds to city's and townships that are working together for a regionalized approach rather than ones that decide they would like to be on their own.

Those individuals that live in Austintown and Boardman that already work in Youngstown will see an immediate reduction of at least .50%.

The individuals that utilize Youngstown Water right now will see a reduction in Water rates immediately.
There are many more positives to this initiatives which will be explained. Don't forget as well, this will only affect the employees that work at businesses that use Youngstown water.

How long do you think Boardman and Austintown will survive on their own withouth ever imposing a tax on their residents. Let me tell you this, if they ever try to create their own city, there is cost involved and how do you think the township will make up for that cost? That is right, a township tax.
Just some information, more to come.

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