Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thank you for signing the petition

Thank you to all that signed the petition to save the Cornersburg Giant Eagle

As you know the store closed last Saturday the 12th and the signs were off the store by the following day the 13th. We are going to communicate the petition to Giant Eagle but it does seem as they decided to pull completely out of Youngstown.
We are working hard to get that location filled and understand the importance to the residence in that area. If you have any questions please call me at 234-855-1175 or email me at pauldrennen5thward@yahoo.com

Thank you,


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Currently looking for businesses to occupy Giant Eagle Location

If Giant Eagle decides to move forward with the closing of the Cornersburg location it is imperative that we find another business to locate there. The mayors office and myself have personally contacted business owners and expressed our interest in them moving to that location. Please sign the petition as well and let Giant Eagle know how you feel.


Should Downtown Buildings Get Historical Tag?

Do you believe that some of the downtown Youngstown buildings should be deemed historical?

I believe that they should for there own protection. We have seen in the past months how one owner feels about that buildings he owns.

Btw the way, do you think the Realty Building will ever get completed? Take my poll and tell me what you think.

Monday, July 7, 2008

I am Back

Sorry for the delay I am back from not posting here for awhile.

I will be filling up my blog with great information in the next week.

Save our Giant Eagle petition

Hello all,

Below is a link to sign the save our Cornersburgh Giant Eagle Petition. Just an FYI that I and the Mayor have been working hard to get another business at that location. It seems that Giant Eagle is leaving due to "financial reasons" and that Giant Eagle does not fit their business model.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Please Bring these Items to the Town Hall Meeting

Houses that you feel need to be torn down

Yards that are already out of control as far as grass

Pothole Problems

Roads that are in need of paving or patching

Problem Houses in the neighborhood

I will have index cards there for you to write more information down

Monday, May 5, 2008

Will the Chevy Centre?

Ever get a management company? I know some companies had originally met with the city in January and decision was to be made by March. Do you think that the Chevy Centre will ever work with a management group?
By the way, it is currently May in case anyone wanted to know.

Don't forget about the town hall meeting

Wednesday May 14th at 6pm The Rescue Mission on Glenwood Avenue. Present company will include:
The mayors office
police department
fire department
water department
prosecutors office
building and grounds
housing inspector
block watch captains
street department
If you have any questions, please call me at 234-855-1175

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Looking for Block Watch Captains in these areas on the West Side and South Side


Currently we have the following Block Watches

Idora Park (encompasses from Glenwood west to Volney, Canfield road north to Old Furnace)

Fosterville (Glenwood east to Fernley, from Warren South to Midlothian)

Indian Trails area

Lanterman Mills (Getting back together, from Aden area west to Hopkins, Canfield South to Midlothian)

Bears den/Hermosa ( Bears den from Canfield rd to Kirk, including streets off Kirk, Hermosa, Meredyth, etc.)

Looking for:

Kirk to Decamp, From Bears Den West to Meridian Rd
I would like to split them up from Bears Den West to Schenley, from Kirk North to Decamp

Schenley West to Meridian and Kirk North to Decamp

If you are interested, please call me at

330-550-2283 and thank you

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ohio Gas Mart Hearing on Monday at 11am City Hall

There will be a hearing for the denial of a liquor license for the Ohio Gas Mart at 11am, sixth floor of City Hall.

South Side Town Hall Meeting May the 14th

Hello all,

I will be having a 5th ward town hall meeting at the Rescue Mission on Glenwood Avenue at 6pm. There will be the heads of all departments there to answer questions and to meet all of you. I encourage all of you to be there or be square. :) Here is the format for the meeting:

All of the department heads will take 1-2 minutes to introduce themselves and what they do
I will make some quick announcements about what blockwatches are in full force and what else is going on in the area
We will have a breakout and all the dept heads will separate and you may speak to them about what issues they handle in a more organized matter.

Water Department Raises to be discussed this Wednesday at Council

City Council will consider the 3 year approximate 8.7% total raises on Wednesday. Everyone is entitled to a raise and just for the record, the water department has their own budget with a surplus. This raise is not to bad, it equals less than 3% per year.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Looking to add roads to be repaved

I have a few suggestions but if you feel that your road is in dire need of being paved please email me at pauldrennen5thward@yahoo.com or call me at 234-855-1175

Saturday, April 5, 2008

We need to have a more Regionalized approach, I am talking about the JEDDS

In the very near future, the City of Youngstown will have more public meetings and be educating the surrounding townships about the great JEDD program proposed. Let me tell you, if you "actually read" the study, you will see that the program is a win win for everyone, not just Youngstown. The problem is you have trustees that don't even want to look at this program. Here is what the program will bring to the surrounding townships

More money from a JEDD tax that will be imposed on employees that work at businesses that use Youngstown Water.

A City match of funds for economic development projects. The city will not just keep the money for themselves that they receive, they are going to use that money for township wide projects.

A regionalized approach and national recognition. The federal government is more apt to give funds to city's and townships that are working together for a regionalized approach rather than ones that decide they would like to be on their own.

Those individuals that live in Austintown and Boardman that already work in Youngstown will see an immediate reduction of at least .50%.

The individuals that utilize Youngstown Water right now will see a reduction in Water rates immediately.
There are many more positives to this initiatives which will be explained. Don't forget as well, this will only affect the employees that work at businesses that use Youngstown water.

How long do you think Boardman and Austintown will survive on their own withouth ever imposing a tax on their residents. Let me tell you this, if they ever try to create their own city, there is cost involved and how do you think the township will make up for that cost? That is right, a township tax.
Just some information, more to come.

The Youngstown City Budget

The City of Youngstown is looking at a large deficit going into 2009 and there is no current way around it. A 5mill check is not going to fall out of the sky so there are cuts that need to be made.
If you take the average workers salary of 60k and look at 900 employees, if you were to cut everyones salary by 8% that would equal out to an average of 4800x900= $4,320,000. Along with raising the contribution to health insurance from 10-20% and that would be a problem solver right there. As a City worker, are you willing to do that?

Let's say that you are not willing to do that and the unions decide they are not going to work with the city on this issue. Ok, the next solution is layoffs and here is what I would do.
I would first look at the positions in the city the are "not needed"(you know, the assistant to the assistant to the assistant administrator). Let's say that we find 20 jobs doing that so there are 40 to go.
I would then look at performance reviews and the amount of people that use sick time. I believe that if someone uses over 80% of there sick time throughout the year that person does not really want to want to work for the city. Working for the city is a privilege folks and if you feel the need to call off all the time and not want to be working here, maybe it is time for you to find another job. Let's say that we find 25 jobs with this method, which I am sure that is an underestimate.
I would offer some voluntarily layoffs with them being the first on the list to come back once we are out of this crisis. A lot of people would like to spend time with their families, start a family, etc. And last but not least.
The City of Youngstown and the surrounding townships need to have a more regionalized approach and work together. For example, if Boardman was on board with the great JEDD program, they would not be in a crisis either at this point. Austintown is boasting now that they do not need us, but they will be in the same situation in a couple of years.

Friday, April 4, 2008

South Side Town Hall Meeting Next Thursday

April 10th Martin Luther Lutheran Church at the corner of Hudson and Clearmontat 6pm. I will be there, Janet Tarpley the 6th ward councilwoman will be there. Also present will be members of the safety forces, administration and several of the city departments.

City goes with Ticketmaster

Finally, a deal that will make the city some money

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dinner tonight to honor Women in Government

at the Youngstown Club, 5:30, honoring women in government

Annual Budget Passed

Annual budget passed last night at council meeting. Now the work begins with the administration and council to go over this budget and to work together with the different departments.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Budget Talks begin this week Trying to avoid the layoffs

The quarterly budget has to be approved by March the 31st by law. Although this is a weeek away we still have plenty of time after that to evaluate and change the budget.
After the budget is approved it can be changed any time after that. City Council is starting to meet with departments this week, Police and Fire on Tuesday to begin with. City Council is going to meet with every department and go over their budget requests asking them to work with us.
We would rather cut unnecessary spending than cut actual employees. I am sure that once we sit down and hash this out with all departments and they know what is at stake, solutions will be provided.
I will keep you updated as we go through the process.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Get Tix Get Out!!

Get Tix is gone and was a bad deal to begin with. Just another vendor that Global brought in under them. The City made absolutely no money on that deal.
Now I just wish that Boston Culinary Group would leave, to bad they have a 10 year agreement with us..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Decision to be made tomorrow regarding float loan extension

The float loan that was given to Frangis(owner of the realty, stambaugh, wick buildings along with many more) two years ago for 4 mill is going to be reevaluated tomorrow at the city council finance meeting.
The extension is for 2 mill only and not the original 4 million.
The question that is one everyones mind is what has he done in the last two years and does he have a real plan for the future or is he just using the city to purchase more buildings for more leverage?
Just an FYI, his company owns USA Parking..
As you know, Frangis spoke about building apartments, condos in several buildings downtown. As you also know, nothing has been done with this in the last two years.
Is this company really going to build anything downtown or do they just want extensions.
This councilman wants to see a "real" plan and a realistic timeframe before a decision is made.

Getting rid of GetTix.net was a good idea

For all that are wondering, the city's decision to get rid of GetTix.net was an excellent decision. That contract was a decision made by Global Entertainment and the city did not make one penny off of those transactions.
The city is looking to negotiate with a new agency to retain some profit

Budget Meetings to be set for the City of Youngstown

The quarterly budget meetings for the city of Youngstown will be set in the coming weeks.
There is going to be some trimming that needs to be done ASAP.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Idora Block Watch Meeting set for April the 9th at 6pm

I encourage everyone that is interested in bettering their neighborhoods and communities to be at this meeting. The Idora Park plan will be discussed at this time as well as any other concerns that you may have.
If you have any questions please email Jim London at inablockwatch@hotmail.com

Here is also the website for the blockwatch


Park And Recreation Director Range Set

City Council approved a salary range for the Park and Recreation Director to be 55-61k. The Park and Recreation Board will choose the director and then recommend a viable salary. Council will then approve or not approve this recommendation.
If you are interested in this position please drop your resume off at City Hall, either the mayors office or city council chambers on the 6th floor.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

House Demo List

House Demo List to be posted here. If you feel that there is a house that is not on this list but should be looked at please email me at pdrennen@cityofyoungstownoh.com or call me at 234-855-1175.


Street Paving List

I am working on Attaching a street paving list for your convenience at this location. Although there is a set list, if your street is not on this list and you feel it should be please email me at pdrennen@cityofyoungstownoh.com or call me at 234-855-1175(local number, new area code).


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Relay For Life for Youngstown

The Relay for Life will be April the 19th starting at 6pm. I know that they are looking for volunteers and participants and I am able to attest that this is a great organization and cause. If you would like to volunteer please contact Sharon Schroeder at 330-718-9189.

Hillary to Visit Valley again on Sunday 2pm at Fitch High School

Knowing the importance of the vote of this valley, Hillary Clinton will be speaking at Fitch High School on Sunday 2pm. Doors open at 12:30 for all the public and Hopefully the Maytag guy won't be there again. :)

Park and Recreation Board Position

Just an FYI that there is an opening on the Park and Recreation Board appointed by Council. All interested should get their information to the 6th floor of city council. Information including a resume and letter of intent.

City Council Meeting

There will be a City Council meeting this Monday March the 4th at 5pm and no meeting this coming Wednesday after the election.
There is no particular reason for the special meeting except a piece of legislation for a nice grant that needs to be voted on and passed.
As we go through the year, I will post some information concerning the city council meetings for those that are unable to make it.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Town Hall Meetings to be Announced Soon

There will be two TOWN HALL meetings in April on the West Side and the South Side of Youngstown.
An Announcement of the dates and locations will be posted within the next two weeks. As well, I will get the information to newspapers, radio stations, community groups, etc.
If you need to contact me, please do so at:
234-855-1175 (This is the new area code)