Saturday, April 19, 2008

Looking for Block Watch Captains in these areas on the West Side and South Side


Currently we have the following Block Watches

Idora Park (encompasses from Glenwood west to Volney, Canfield road north to Old Furnace)

Fosterville (Glenwood east to Fernley, from Warren South to Midlothian)

Indian Trails area

Lanterman Mills (Getting back together, from Aden area west to Hopkins, Canfield South to Midlothian)

Bears den/Hermosa ( Bears den from Canfield rd to Kirk, including streets off Kirk, Hermosa, Meredyth, etc.)

Looking for:

Kirk to Decamp, From Bears Den West to Meridian Rd
I would like to split them up from Bears Den West to Schenley, from Kirk North to Decamp

Schenley West to Meridian and Kirk North to Decamp

If you are interested, please call me at

330-550-2283 and thank you

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